Ugadi - The Telugu New Year

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Dr. Sruthi Bhupathiraju

4/9/20241 min read

Ugadi, the Telugu New Year, bursts onto the scene in late March or early April, marking the beginning of the year according to the Luni-Solar calendar. Celebrated with immense joy and fervor across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and some parts of Maharashtra, Ugadi signifies new beginnings, fresh hopes, and a chance to wipe the slate clean.

Ugadi, brushes old memories of my childhood. Being from a financially middle class family, only festivals and birthdays are the times when we used to buy new clothes. Along with tradition, it was the celebration of new dresses, visiting temples, decorating home, colorful rangolis that adorns the entrances of house, String of mango leaves and flowers dangling at the door, spending time with family, friends and everyone around without any boundaries. Ugadi is all about strengthening bonds.

Ugadi always starts with Ugadi Pachadi and Panchanga Sravanam. Ugadi pachadi, is a symbolic chutney with a delightful mix of flavors - sweet, sour , salty , bitter, spicy and pungent.
Panchanga Sravanam, where the almanac is read, foretelling the year ahead.
Food always have a special place at indian homes during festivals, different savory dishes like ugadi pachadi, payasam , bobbatlu, Pulihora and many.

On this auspicious day, we wish you all great new and prosperous year ahead with lots and lots of love and affection. Want to hear more about your experiences and thoughts on this day and cherish those moments once again with you all.

Happy Ugadi to you..