Things I'm grateful for this year 2023 and Welcoming new year 2024 with a smile

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Dr. Sruthi Bhupathiraju

12/31/20232 min read

Things I'm grateful for this year 2023 and Welcoming new year 2024 with a smile :

Namaste !! Happy to be with you again..
As I pen down my reflections on bidding farewell to this challenging year and embracing the dawn of a new one, my heart swells with gratitude for the rollercoaster ride that brought me the most precious gift – my newborn and completed our family of four.

My pregnancy journey:
This year, my journey through pregnancy resembled a turbulent rollercoaster, marked by highs of anticipation and lows that tested the limits of my strength. On the morning of my delivery, as it was a festival, Ganesh Chaturthi. Our home filled with festival vibes, after breakfast I started feeling low so felt better to rush to the hospital. Due to fluctuations in my Blood pressure, doctors tried to induce pains artificially, but it didn't work so they finally broke my water and then the pains began. As like first time, this time also I've opted for an epidural then the twist landed .The memory of my heart rate plunge, breathlessness after the epidural injection remains etched in my mind, a moment where the delivery room seemed to echo with the uncertainty of life.

The white wall with a clock hanging in front of me ,which I remember still. In that harrowing moment, with my daughter waiting anxiously for her sibling's arrival at the stroke of midnight, I felt the weight of the world. Yet, in the midst of darkness, a glimmer of hope emerged. In that room, where despair threatened to take hold, a new life blossomed, reminding me of the incredible strength that lies within us. With in every mother. With in every woman.

As I cradle my newborn in my arms, I can't help but marvel at the miracle that unfolded against all odds. The tears of fear have given way to tears of joy, and the struggle has transformed into a story of triumph. This little one, a symbol that even in the darkest hours, light can find its way. And always it will.

My blog:
Starting this blog has been a parallel journey, and connecting with you has added a profound richness to my life. Gratitude fills my heart as we welcome the new year, a canvas of hope and the promise of beautiful beginnings

May the coming year bring all of us the moments of joy, lessons from adversity, and the unwavering belief that, like a newborn emerging into the world, we too can navigate the unknown and find beauty in the journey. I would love to hear from you what you are grateful to in this year 2023 and how you want new year 2024 to be through comments.

Happy new year to you all my pals.. let's rock together.. Welcome 2024..