Merry Christmas !! welcoming our newest family member and celebrating with the big sibling.

Merry Christmas, welcoming new member of our family, celebrations.

Sruthi Bhupathiraju

12/25/20231 min read

Namaste !! What’s up? How’s life? 🎄.
It's been a heartwarming few months as we took a short break to embrace the joy of new beginnings this September . Our family has grown, and we're thrilled to introduce our precious newborn, Shrithik Raam , who has brought an extra dose of love and laughter into our home. Tadaaah !!

We also want to celebrate the excitement and curiosity of our elder one, Aashrita , who has eagerly embraced the role of a caring big sister (for which she has been waiting since long). The holiday season has become even more special as we witness the bond forming between our little ones, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Join us on this journey of love, laughter, and the unique magic that comes with a growing family during the festive season. 🌟 Wishing you all a warm and joyful Christmas filled with moments of togetherness and happiness!