5 easy ways to improve your child's concentration

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Dr. Sruthi Bhupathiraju

4/26/20242 min read

Is Your Child a Concentration Catastrophe? You're Not Alone (and Here's How NOT to Parent Like a Clown!)

Hey Mamas (and Dads, don't worry, we see you too!),

Let's face it, wrangling a tiny human with the attention span of a goldfish is a full-time gig. One minute they're building a magnificent castle out of Legos, the next they're chasing a rogue sock butterfly across the living room.

Fear not, sleep-deprived warriors! While there's no magic potion for laser focus (yet!), we can ditch the bad-cop routine and become Konzentration Kings and Queens (German for "concentration," because sounding fancy helps, right?).

Here's how to turn your little scatterbrain into a focus fighter, without resorting to duct-taping them to their chair (please don't, social services might frown):

1. Ditch the Multitasking Madness: We grown-ups brag about juggling a million tasks, but for little ones, it's a recipe for disaster. Turn off the TV, silence your phone notifications (unless it's a pizza delivery alert, because priorities!), and create a calm, distraction-free zone. Think "monk mode" for munchkins.

2. Make it a Game (Because Seriously, Who Wants to Do Chores?): Folding laundry? More like a sock-sorting safari! Set a timer for "focus bursts" and challenge them to complete a task before the buzzer sounds. Bonus points for silly costumes (who wouldn't concentrate better as a sock-sorting superhero?).

3. Sneak in the Learning: Educational doesn't have to equal eye-rolls. Turn counting practice into a treasure hunt for hidden gummy bears (because let's be honest, what motivates more than candy?). Building with blocks becomes an engineering feat, conquering spelling woes transforms into a secret spy mission with coded messages. Get creative!

4. Movement is Magic: Ever notice your child bouncing off the walls right before homework time? Channel that energy! Short bursts of exercise – jumping jacks, a quick dance party – can work wonders for refocusing a wiggly mind.

5. Celebrate the Small Wins: Look, mastering multiplication tables might not happen overnight (or ever, let's be real, some of us adults still struggle). Acknowledge their effort, even if it's just focusing for a few extra minutes. A high five, a silly cheer, or a sticker on their "Focus Champion" chart goes a long way.

Remember, Mama (and Papa!), you're not alone in this. There will be days when concentration goes out the window, and that's okay. The key is to make it fun, keep it positive, and maybe hide a few extra gummy bears for yourself. After all, a focused parent is a happy parent, and that's the ultimate win!

I'm happy to know your insights on parenting!!!